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eBA Workflow Automation

Business Process Automation

All businesses are based around workflows, but not all of them are automated or efficient. eBA workflow integrates your people, systems, data and action. And with document management and capture you can administer your organization's digital content throughout its lifecycle - from creation, to retrieval, collaboration, storage, retention, and archive management.

Transactional ECM Platform

EBA is a transactional ECM platform that extends your existing enterprise applications with comprehensive enterprise content management capabilities,including management, workflow, records management and intelligent document capture

Implementing EBA allows organization to vastly improve


Processes in your organization follow the organization's compliance guidelines and is the risk of non-compliance is continuously monitored.


Organizational Bureaucracy does not reduce transparency and visibility or creating blockages across Processes within the organization.


Phenomenal increase in Accuracy, Efficiency and Speed of information flow within the organization.


Personnel's desks and desktops are not being loaded with Paper and Excel Sheets generated by Manual Processes.

Measurement & Analysis

Easy Audit trace of completed processes and ability to measure adherence to compliance.

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Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance.

Create Transparency & Visibility.

Increase Accuracy.

Reduce Bureaucracy.

Reduce Manual Effort and Go Paperless.

Flexible and Remote Working.

Implementing EBA allows organization to vastly improve

eBA produces great results across functions within an organization


  • Procurement Process

  • Supplier Creation & Approval

  • Cash Report - Expense Reimbursement

  • Purchase Request Approval

  • Supplier Invoice Approval

  • Budget Approval and Consumption Tracking

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Facilities/ Admin

  • Employee Facilities Management (Access Card, Parking Card Visiting Cards etc.)

  • Visitor Access Management

Office Work
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  • IT Support Request

  • IT Asset Management

  • Asset Issue

  • Employee leaver

  • Asset Stock Adjustment

  • Knowledge Management

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  • Recruitment Processes

  • Employee Induction

  • Employee and dependent data capture

  • Employee leaver

  • Employee & dependent data extracts

  • Employee archives

  • Annual employee & dependent data refresh

  • Training Management

  • Leave Request & Approval

  • Training Requests

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HSEQ/ Compliance

  • Audit Scheduling

  • Audit Execution

  • NC (Non-Compliance) Tracking

  • Training Management

  • Training Schedules Management

  • Training Session Feedback

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Sales/ Marketing

  • Business Travel Expense

  • Reimbursement

  • CRM for Partner Management

  • Partner Campaign Management

  • Campaign creation

  • Campaign registration and approval

  • Claim registration

  • Campaign archives

  • Claim data extracts for upload to ERP

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Address unique requirements of business process automation

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