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Retail & Distribution

Digital & Streamlined operations for Retail staff by delivering experience led transformation.

Experion brings multiple solution frameworks for the Retail & Distribution domain mainly concentrated around the areas of Supply Chain Automation, & Learning and Engagement

End to End solutions for Insurance

iLearningEngines Learning Automation

Train you agents, customer support and call center professionals and create unique engaging solutions so they don't miss the latest regulatory changes and are on top of all changes in compliance.


Process Automation Solution

Optimize your internal business workflows using smart process automation solutions and ensure business always continues even with major physical disruptions.


AI powered Engagement

When employees are relieved of stressful and monotonous work by automating complex and routine tasks, they can focus more on imagining, innovating, and creating.

Uncover the value of automation

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Capability to read unstructured and structured data across various file formats helps to knowledge insights across any format. Automated machine learning helps in employee personalization understanding individuals likes, dislikes, interests.


Get insights on various data points and improve platform usage.

Empower employees with easy data access anytime, anywhere on any device. Integrate with any system to provide information to employees in a conversational workflow.


Breakdown information into topical, bite-sized chunks.


Retail staff interacts with highly-targeted learning bursts; lessons become much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is increased Using AI, the micro-learning lessons can be interactive, providing two-way intelligent communications and escalations.•

By implementing a single learning objective in a micro lesson plan, learners get clear direction and objective goals.


Repeating content at appropriate intervals cements knowledge in learners’ long-term memories.

Reduce your bottom line costs

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