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Enterprise Intelligent Platform  for insurance companies by delivering end-to-end process automation.

Several drivers of change, including new and rigorous expectations from regulators and standards setters, increasing demands for more relevant and useful information, improvements in analytics, and the need for operational transformation, are compelling insurance companies to re-evaluate and modernize all aspects of their business model and operations.

End to End solutions for Insurance

iLearningEngines Learning Automation

Member training & compliance platform


Process Automation Solution

Maximize value through AI powered automation of workflows


AI powered Engagement

Pattern recognition and deep learning for faster turnaround

Uncover the value of automation

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iLearningEngines is ideal for Health Authorities, Health Insurance companies as well as Corporates where the health of the patient/ insuree/ employee is greatly significant to reduce risk and manage compliance. The 'Learn-Anytime-Anywhere' Credits based platform enables end users to receive education and training from trusted sources, and measure for learning intake and accountability.


iLearningEngines has pioneered the concept of PME (Patient Medical Education) score that is similar in concept to CME scores for physicians or Credit scores for consumers. The added advantage of having a PME credit score for a larger population of patients enables stratification of members based on PME Score (similar to Credit score) and will also allow the payer/health authority to drive specific campaigns, promotions and incentives depending on PME score.


iLearningEngines also has a built-in Incentives and Rewards platform that can be used to incentivize learning - as members see videos, they accumulate PME credits. These credits can be redeemed for incentives and rewards.


iLearningEngines brings a much-needed systems-approach and quantitative accountability to patient education, awareness and outreach, and capability building.

"Patient activation" refers to a patient's knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his or her own health and care.


"Patient engagement" is a broader concept that combines patient activation with interventions designed to increase activation and promote positive patient behavior, such as obtaining preventive care or exercising regularly. Patient engagement is one strategy to achieve the "triple aim" of improved health outcomes, better patient care, and lower costs.

At Experion, our approach is based on a forward-looking, future-proof view and holistically addressing the combination of forces that are impacting the existing insurance operational model. We do not believe that insurers will benefit by addressing them one by one in a tactical and reactive manner.


This means that key functional areas need to work together to create an insurance operating model that is nimble, agile, future-proof and can help companies manage and adapt to change as part of standard business practices.


Transform  application process through event triggers and intelligent extraction of structured and unstructured data.


Employs machine learning to extract information from voice transcripts, emails, videos, and other sources, and then make required changes in documents and internal systems.

Processing of loss run reports. Analysis of statement of value reports. Explanations of evidence of insurability to customers


Automated processing significantly reduces manual work to speed up claims processing by 100%.


Large volumes of data are rapidly processed in any format


Guard against fraudulent claims by comparing claims against customer profiles and history.


Customer experience is enhanced with immediate claim processing, protection against human error, and pay-out based on profile.


iLE Knowledge Shelves can trigger actions based on regulatory changes.


Auto-identify impact of potential compliance exposures on key stakeholders.


Eliminate routine manual compliance tasks that are prone to errors and possible compliance breaches.


Automated processes pull information directly from regulatory sites to ensure real time updates.


AI-based automation solutions ensure data accuracy and maintain a complete log of their actions


Data collection from external and internal sites.


Pre-population of data fields in internal systems.


Review customer claims history and produce recommendations based on previous losses.


Customer experience is enhanced with immediate claim processing, protection against human error and pay-out based on profile.

Combining data mining, deep learning, and machine learning technologies, we create AI-powered engagement platforms to cognitively interact with customers, employees & stakeholders on  omni-channel platforms.


Functions like Customer Service, Claims, Sales, Operations and Training can be automated. Our AI models are trained on real time and business use cases can be deployed at a relatively faster rate.

Customer Service

Conversational AI Assistants provide tracking and status updates in real time.


Omni-channel support including WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, SMS, Email or IVR to ensure automation of every communication channel.


Customers can be engaged on any device and through any channel for 24/7 support

Claims processing

Integrate  claims business rules into AI powered automation to increase claims turn around times.


AI assistant to assist with faster claims lodgment and automated claims processing based on set business rules.


Human claims processing based on exception.


Sales & Marketing

Use human-level conversational AI to handle general FAQs for products, services and company information.


Harness omnichannel strategies to increase customer reach and conversion rates while reducing the cost of acquisition.


Provide customers with instant quotes.

Reduce your bottom line costs

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